Christian Still Under Construction

Are those who call themselves “Christians” perfect? Hmm…I call myself a Christian because I believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ which afforded me the ability to have a restored relationship with God.

Since I am a Christian, am I perfect? Have I “arrived” as some would say? Let me think….NO AT ALL…

There is a misconception or assumption out there about Christians. Many think that once someone professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior there is this supernatural change in their attitude, thoughts, etc… They think that they will no longer experience struggles…that their life situations will improve…and there is nothing but unicorns and rainbows… We forget that only Christ is perfect. Though we are not HIM, we should desire to live worthy of HIM (Conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…Phil. 1:27a).

Can you imagine that a perfect God not only created YOU but also showed compassion towards YOU when imperfection (sin) severed YOUR relationship with Him? Can you imagine that because of His compassion and love for YOU, He sent his only and beloved Son (Jesus Christ…who was also perfect) down from his throne in Heaven to live in this imperfect world and die on a ragety (imperfect) cross for YOU.  We are so unworthy of the precious gift we have been provided…the love of a perfect and just God.

As we prepare to exit 2013 and enter into 2014, it is important that we remember that we are not called to be perfect and live perfect lives.  However, we are called to be obedient and honest with ourselves and others about our imperfections.  If we aren’t obedient and/or honest about our imperfections (our sin), we are not growing and maturing in our Christian journey.  If we aren’t obedient and/or honest, we aren’t under construction…we aren’t developing.  We are stagnant or one might call an unfinished masterpiece.   In order to live worthy of the Gospel, we must be INTENIONAL in our Christian journey…being fully obedient…and completely honest.  We must be “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”…


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